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10 Surprises For Your Prince Charming On The Wedding Day. – WedKnock Stories

10 Surprises For Your Prince Charming On The Wedding Day.

He’s listened patiently to you going on about color schemes (sometimes even offered an opinion!), dried your frustrated tears & allowed you to use him as a venting board. So it’s only fair that you make your wedding day unforgettable for BOTH of you.

Here are 10 gift ideas to make your man feel special & appreciated on your wedding day.


Autographed Music Instrument.

If your man is the kind who is practically in love with music, then this is probably the best gift you could give him. This requires a little planning, but trust us this will make him giddy with excitement. If he plays the guitar, try engraving an acoustic guitar with his favorite musicians autograph, and get prepared for a musical night with him playing just for you.


Serenade him.

We all love to be serenaded! He romanced you and today the both of you have come this far and you are about to declare to the world that you are going to be with each other for life. Why not serenade him in front of the guests and make him realize that he is the luckiest man in the world. And with us Indians, drama is never far behind. So when you are all dressed in your wedding glory, grab the microphone from the musicians and sing him ‘our song’. We know both of you have a song! Sing for him! Even if you are a bathroom singer, and your voice might remind the world of the Cacophonix, just mustering up the courage to sing in front of a crowd of hundreds is going to make him blush. Now go the distance, and get down on your knees in front of him and profess your love to him. Get some tissues ready, your man might just tear up!



This one is for the bride who might want to play it a little safe. Gift him an elegant timepiece to wear on the wedding day. Attach a cute note saying, “See you at 2 pm”. Better still, you an get his name engraved in the dial of the wrist watch and watch him show off the timeless piece to his friends.


Fantasy car.

For the drive to the reception or from from the marriage venue, rent a classic car you know he loves or his dream car & watch the excited little boy in him come out!



All men have a weakness. Some have a weakness for Music, where as some have a weakness for sports. If your man loves the field, then you can consider him buying him tickets to his favourite game, or his favourite band performance. Even if the both of you don’t share the same taste in music or sports, it is just going to prove to him how much well aware you are of his likes and dislikes.



Secret love message on his outfit.

Many brides these days are sewing on a secret patch on their groom’s outfits. You can sew your message on his shirt or the back of his tie for him to read unexpectedly as he gets ready.


Mascot Vows.

This too requires a lot of planning, but is going to be worth all the efforts that you put in. If your man was the school or the college captain of a sport.


Boudoir shots.

Pleasing men is not really rocket science. Men are visual creatures! So if you can get hold of a good photographer and get yourself photographed in your beautiful lace negligees, there is nothing that is going to make him want you more. This would also be your golden opportunity for you to get naughty and racy with him. Give him a sneak peak to what awaits him the wedding nigh.


The Beer Can Cake.

Men love beard, men love beer! You can absolutely never go wrong with this one! Get hold of a crate of his favourite beer and make him a nice beer can three tier cake! The more the tiers, the happier he and his friends are. Obviously you didn’t think he was going to drink it all himself, did you? Be outrageously cheesy and attach a note with the cake and watch him laugh as he pops open his beverage and blesses your soul with every sip.


Movie Magic.

By this time you must have a very clear idea of his favourite film and particularly his favourite scene. So why not get hold of all your sisters, brothers and his friends and push them to act it out for him? And the best part could be where you incorporate him into the scene! This sounds a little brizarre, but if executed properly, this one can turn out to be the best surprise in the lot, and we guarantee you this will be a crowd pleaser! And how to get hold of the actors you ask? Get paper masks of the actors and make turn his best friend into George Cloony! And if you are in the right mind to make get a few giggles, make him wear a Catherine Zeta Jones mask and make him speak in a woman’s voice! (Its his best friends wedding! he will do anything for him!)


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