5 Unconventional Honeymoon destinations for the unconventional couple.

Not the conventional couple is it? A couple who proudly claims to be different and celebrate the unconventional, this one is for you. Of course an unconventional couple wouldn’t want to go to a regular scenic honeymoon, because what is honeymoon if it doesn’t tingle your six senses. We bring you a list of five of the most beautiful destinations to celebrate your love. Put on your seat belts and get ready to gasp!

1. Dracula’s Castle:

This one is for the ones who would rather watch a horror film than a romantic comedy. For the couples who love the creepy and the crawly we present you with Dracula’s Castle. Known as the Bran Castle, this historical place is where Bram Stoker based his famous mythical creature, Dracula. Situated in Romania this is a scare-lover’s holy grail.

2. Iceland Hot Spring:

Iceland is beautiful. But you can choose to not behave like typical tourists and hire a car to explore the uncharted hot springs there. If it is your honeymoon, then the both of you can have a little adventure of your own. Your first quest together.

3. Republic of Botswana in Africa:

Tarzan and Jane will never run out of their magical fairy-tale charm. There is probably nothing more beautiful than love in the wild. The wild safaris and beautiful Okavango Delta is sire to make your honeymoon adventure a lively one. The best part?

4. Under the Sea:

Yes, that’s a restaurant under the sea — in the Indian Ocean to be exact. The Maldive Islands are a great place to witness the beauty of the world and your marriage. Imagine staring into each others eyes and sipping wine at the bed of the ocean while ocean life swims by you.

5. End Of the World:

All you need is a notebook, a camera and the heart of an explorer. Grab your love by the hand and take off to a journey to the End of the World. Let the elegant Buenos Aires captivate your senses as you glide into your lover’s arm at the Tango dinner show. There is much to see with ‘Land of Fire’ Argentina’s first coastal national park and stunning landscapes. Conclude your romantic getaway with Ushuaia, world’s most southernmost city, hand in hand to the end of the world.