7 steps to your wedding hashtag

Weddings are fun, and a little word play makes them funnier. If you and your partner are readers, and harbour a deep love for grammar, then there is no better way to celebrate the union of Grammar Nazis like a quirky and witty hashtag. Allow us to walk you through the most unique hashtag reserved only for the both of you.

Puns are in:

A little pun is just the right amount of sugar needed to put a smile across someone’s face. If your name or last name is a part of a euphemism or a phrase, be sure to exploit that opportunity. Everyone loves a couple with a sense of humour.

Easy to Remember:

Your hashtag should be such that it has no difficulty in rolling off the tip of your tongue. Steer clear from complicated pronunciations or difficult synonyms. The easier it is to remember, the more people are going to use it.

Uniquely Numeric:

There are thousands of Raj and Simran out there in the universe. The only way you can distinguish your hashtag from the rest is by cleverly playing with numbers. You can consider somehow incorporating your wedding day in the hashtag.

Initial Play:

Another good way of mustering up a witty but small hashtag is incorporating the initial of your name in the hashtag. Initials pretty much sum up the entirety of the wedding in a short and sweet mouthful.

Alliteration Exclamation:

Hashtags with alliterations are absolutely my ultimate favourite.
#VidhiwedsVed; there is a method to the madness in the play of alliterations.
A hashtag soothing to the eye is a hashtag with longevity. The mere exclusivity of the hashtag would turn your wedding into a segment meant for just the both of you.

Prime Rhyme:

Again, consider both your names and your nicknames and see if they rhyme with Wedding, or any of its synonyms. Hashtags which rhyme have a greater recall value and thus it is doesn’t take much time to turn into a guest’s favourite.


Capitalize the first letter of every word and watch your hashtag transform into something unique. Not only does it have a better readability, it also makes the hashtag unique for not many couples capitalise the first letter of every word.