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The artist behind the lenses is the magician who makes you beautiful, who freezes your special moments and cements your memories. But little do we realise the agony! A photographer is not just a person who goes berserk on the shutter button.

We have all taken our photographer friends for granted at least once in our life. With no regard or respect for their art form, we have manipulated them to work according to our whims and fancies.

We bring you the woes of one such wedding photographer, who decided to weave her encounters in the form of a poem.
We are sure you are going to find yourself to be one of them!

Strange(r) encounters in your wedding!

Several minutes into setting the angle,

Patience into composing the frame.

And just when was to click the critical

A hand from behind tapped & claimed,


“Excuse me!”, urged  a ‘never ever seen before’ face

“Do remember to click a beautiful pic of mine.” leaving me all amazed.

Add as friend 😉

She called & made me recall,

We were together in the class.

Not much of her in my memory,

She was just a face sitting far apart.


We are even  friends on facebook”, she claimed,

On my pictures she even comments.

A friend should be liable to discount”, I was taught.

How easily I was making new friends… I was left to thought!

Our budget, your problem (Pinned:P)

They ‘love’ my work, they said…

Especially the one I had done for some “them” at “that place”.


But “to be honest” they preferred to be with me,

They didn’t have the ‘big’ budget to hire me.

I resolved, saying I have few packages & range,

I can work according to theirs & them.

Smiles I could see I had spread…

But soon realizing, I was misread.


They had done their homework,

Favourite samples from ‘pinterest’ were shown.

Their budget was now on me…

Their favourite samples were asked to be cloned.

 You are heartily invited! (as a photographer!)

Invitation to an engagement from a not so friendly friend,

My other peers not invited, didn’t know what he intend.

Soon came a text from him, asking to bring my DSLR along to his event

Clearing all air, now I knew what his invitation meant.


‘Creative’ they said they wanted…

Should be ‘different from others’ they cited.

A new project, new people, I was so excited…

Drilling through my vision, new ways to frame I sighted.


At location, the new ideas weren’t even inquired…

Work of ‘someone’ from google were laid out, whom they admired.

‘Want something like this.’ They put upfront their desire…

In everything same ‘something different’ they requested me to acquire!

About the Author

Neha Rai, while pursuing her Dentistry from Ahmedabad, was enthralled by the small beautiful stories which goes untold & unseen in great jumble of life. Here, she was struck for the love for camera & pen. She believes in making it big from small, hence tries to capture the smallest speck of rare emotion which might escape you. But you can go back to them, years after running down the memory lane. Because for her, nothing is more precious than to relive the beautiful moments.

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