How to look impeccable in a suit

The tried and tested way to earn your place in the hall of Fame is doing the Retro look an impeccable justice without looking like a love child of Jitendra and Pharell Williams. There are a few tips that can help you upgrade your normal business suite and make you runway ready for the Men’s Fashion Week. There is nothing better than to sport the sleek stunner at the wedding.

1. Match-it Macho! :

Dare to be a little different? Match your tie with your suit. There is no parallel when a man pulls of a slate grey suit! Shades of Grey in suits automatically puts you in the family of Christian Grey. The next time, just get hold of a tie that matches your suit perfectly. This give a minimalistic look which is tailored trend to sleek fashion.

2. Best of Both worlds:

Of late the trend on men’s suits are revolving around the glorious lineage of lapels. This is your one way ticket to rocking retro! Just stuff a retro pattered foulard pocket square to your breast pocket and there you have a man of many tales. A look that exudes class of the yester years, but dapperness of the present.

3. Extentially yours :

An extended waist tab just proves that you have a PHD in the theories of tailoring! And it is no rocket science that this obviously wins oodles of brownie points in a woman’s book of desire. A well fitted suit and a smug smile is a synonym of foreplay.

4. Brit-lliant :

Amongst the other things, our colonial oppressors also gave us the cuffing pants. While we may sit back and spew abuses at the white people, might as well do so in a beautifully tailored cuffing pant. (There is nothing better than beating them at their own game! Take a cue from their Cricket skills, and it’s their National Game.)
Jokes apart, they invented the cuffing pants to keep their trousers from getting soiled from the soggy streets of London. Pair your cuffs with a chunky sole on your wingtips.