Ileana D’Cruz brings out the spunk in latest Magazine Photo Shoot

Weddings. One word, many emotions. So many trials and tribulations that take place before the perfect moment is created and shared with loved ones. But what if we don’t want everything to be perfect? We exist in a beautifully dynamic generation where people dare to be different, people who dare to rise up over the cacophony and make sure their voices are heard. Why can’t that same kind of attitude be brought to the occasion of a wedding ceremony? That’s exactly what Ileana D’Cruz had in mind when she posed for the camera in this mesmerizing photo shoot. Keep scrolling to see exactly what we were talking about!



What’s the need for a wedding band when you can blow your own trumpet? (pun intended)



The emotion on her face is so genuine, you’d think she actually discovered some treasure!



Look at her puppy eyes! Can we keep her?



Stockings are so last generation! Who needs ‘em anyway?



Who said only bad boys can rock a Harley?



Substituting heels for shoes isn’t just a smart choice, it’s the right choice!



Oh, what we wouldn’t give to be in that suitcase’s place.



To all the haters out there, she’s just got one thing to say.





Be inspired and create your own epic wedding moments! The world’s a stage, we’re just waiting for you!