The Couple Who Rocked the Night Away

Of late, Indian weddings are turning into a celebration of love and togetherness. Brides and grooms are realizing the importance of togetherness and more and more people are opting for out of the box means of celebration. We came across one such beautiful wedding where the couple decided to celebrate the reason for their togetherness, music! It was just like a regular fun Tam-Brahm wedding with a little bit of ‘personalisation’. Only, the personalisation was a Rock Band.

Picture Courtesy: Coffee Stains

Akshaya and Shriram met through music. The bride discovered her prince charming, when she was introduced to the guys in their effort to expand their band. The two work together in Detroit and continue to jam with their band, which is how the idea of performing at the wedding first came up. The couple called themselves The Dulhan Brass Band, which was made from within the wedding party.

This unique Tam-Bram wedding saw a growling bride in a Kamjeevaram, and the drummer groom in his traditional veshti! They say anything which starts with music can only result into something beautiful. The couple started their journey as jam mates and eventually consummated their love for music into a grand wedding.

It is only obvious to us that this couple dares to be different, and they plan to spend their honeymoon at Everest Base camp. Talk about adrenaline rush!