The Ultimate Gift For Your Man – Mancave!

One of the best things that you can give your man in the day of your wedding, or as a post wedding surprise is a beautiful man cave. Time is a wonderful thing. Time heals, time forgets, time brings the new, time washes away the old. The most precious thing in this world is time.

One of the key reasons why relationships these days don’t last longer than a few years is because couples don’t give time to each other. Not blaming them really! They don’t have enough time for each other.

Imagine how grateful your man would be if you could gift him time, for himself! By time we don’t mean a fancy watch, but the ideal man-cave which will compel him to spend some time with himself, and with you.

Things your man-cave should have:

1. A gaming console. A beautiful battle station set-up is all a man needs to cry. It’s a lot of fun to see a man cry out of joy!

2. Game night couch or sofas. Your man will be ever grateful if it has an inbuilt glass holder. Take a cue from Joey and Chandler’s apartment.

3. Large screen TV.

4. A beautifully stacked minibar.

5. Microwave for your man to heat and re-heat the stale pizza on those game nights.

Make sure to not keep a bed and bathroom in the man-cave if you want to see your husband again.