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‘Wedding in the family’, these few words gets everyone excited. Starting from all the mothers, aunties to the neighbourhood kid. Weddings are like a surprise gift festivity and merriment in the middle of the year! And we humans have this beautiful habit of searching for a reason to celebrate, and what best than to celebrate the occasion of union of love.

But the best part about a wedding is you will find all kinds of people in an Indian wedding. Right from the distant fat cousin who doesn’t know your last name, but has decided to turn up for the free food and alcohol. You would also find the lost aunty who claims to have seen you grow up since you were barely the size of a potato crisp bag! There are going to another group of socially awkward guests who would prefer to stick close to the wall and dodge the photographers. All in all, Indian weddings are an anthropologist’s treasure trove. Wedding superheroes are the people which you will find in every wedding, and they are the ones who make weddings worthwhile.

1. The Nirupama Roy:

It could be your aunt’s mother-in-law, it could be your neighbour! But the Nirupama Roy is perpetually at her best emotional high. She cries when sees something beautiful, she cries when she sees something sad. She even cries if the tea is too hot. But these adorable aunties are never short of tears, and are always ready with an emotional hug. During vidaai, you might want to keep extra tissue boxes and glucose ready.

2. The Darsheel Safari:

The young cousin who is never to be found next to his mother. You look away for a minute and he has vanished from his spot. You might find him swinging by one of the flower strings decorations. At the dining table, he is probably going to be the one sitting underneath and pinching everyone’s toe-nails. In case you find it difficult to locate him, he is the kid in the family photo who has his tongue out.

3. Chak De India:

The woman union of the wedding who have the expertise of ISI agents. They know all the dirtiest secrets of the wedding and if and when they decide to hide the groom’s shoes, there is no way you can get it out of them without emptying your pockets. They move in a cluster and look absolutely stunning in doing so, the high piched laughter and the swish of the lock is every single man’s dream at the wedding. Here is a word of caution for you men, don’t mess with them. They are equally vicious as their charm.

4. Govinda:

The uncle who gets the party started. The man of many words and further more dance moves. If he wouldn’t have been there, then dance floor would remain absolutely calm. You can see him pulling off the strangest of the dance steps while his wife lurks in the crowd to hide her embarrassment. The happiest man in the wedding, would dance away as if he just won the lottery.

5. Akshay Kumar:

The good looking rascal, usually from the groom’s side who really thinks he has his life in place. Even if his life mainly consists of choosing the right hair pomme! The Akshay Kumar has his pockets full of the choicest of pick-up lines that are circulating in the market, and he wouldn’t dare miss a chance of using them. But he is the most helpful person in the wedding, because deep in his Casanova heart he is a mamma’s boy!

6. Madhuri Dixit:

The ravishing aunt who is all set to rock the dance floor. She had probably stopped aging after she reached her mid-20s. The secret heartbeat of all the ‘dewars’, this aunt makes sure to rock the dance floor and get the party rolling.  You can count on her with all your secrets and gossips, she is the trend setter amongst the women.

7. Deepika Padukone:

The bride with the right mix of sugar, spice and everything nice. She is absolutely flawless and laughs from her stomach. Her smile is nothing less than an ear to ear grin and her wickedness keeps all the tiny tots on their toes. She is the bride with all the mischief up her sleeves and is probably the one who comes up with all the pranks in the wedding. The perfect wing woman for her guy friends, she is the life of the wedding!

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