Wedding planners from the capital that are turning moments into memories.

No wedding is complete without its share of pomp and glamour. And when it comes to Indian weddings, there is no looking back to imagination and execution. But fret not worried brides and grooms, The WedKnock brings you a list of five of the best Wedding planners who are ruling the great and beautiful world of wedding in the capital city, Delhi. With your wedding in their hands, you can take a breather and dance your way into a ‘happily ever after…’


Dream weddings find their reality here. E-Factor provides complete wedding solution with management, execution and exquisite solutions to all wedding wishes. Every wedding taken up by E-Factor proves to be an example for the next. Exquisite celebrations are their specialty and with their team of experts who excel in hospitality and management, E-Factor promises you day that will be engraved in your memory for life. They strongly trust in the beauty of dreams and the importance of fantasy in the real life, thereby creating magic out of imagination.


Attention to detailing and bringing about the personal touch in their weddings a forte Q-Events swear by. Their personalized designs and planning is exclusively custom made for clients as they design the event according to the client’s requirements, thereby giving all their weddings a character to reckon with. Carefully handcrafted with love the events taken up by Q-events are quintessentially created with expertise. They are the only wedding designers in India with an in-house production facility, allowing total control of quality and extravagant executions.


Established in the year 1997, they are one of the most sought after names in the industry today. No dream or imagination is big enough for them to execute. With an experience of executing out of the box wedding decors, Touchwood has a habit of leaving their clients thoroughly pleased if not astounded with the grandeur of their execution. Their events prove to be a beautiful amalgamation of the modern trends and the warmth of traditions.

The Wedding Design Company

Owned by Vandana Mohan, the company excels in aesthetics and beauty. The company has a sting history of back stage management thereby allowing you to breeze through your wedding as they make your dream wedding into a grand reality. ‘Fusion’ is one of their favourite words to play with when it comes to weddings and the Wedding Design Company sure knows how to turn any regular event into a multi-dimensional, mindboggling work of art. The true marriage of technology and nature brings about the most extraordinary forms of experience.

*This list is not ranked and follows no order. The names have been randomly placed with no preference in mind.